Ethnographer of Technology

I was trained as an engineer first, then an economist, but have spent the majority of my time across 4 continents studying how people react to the technologies that affect the progression of our global and local culture. Ethnography is the study of culture.


As an Ethnographer of Technology I understand that we create better products, services, and policy when observing our culture. I lead negotiations on behalf of people and tech from inside corporate culture.

My current efforts are rooted in engineering more compelling products and services to engage people in modern Capitalism.


My most current work as an ethnographer is rooted in economic development. I think that my colleagues and I have discovered innovative ways to make more people successful in the financial markets. If we truly believe that people have intrinsic value, then our focus can’t be rooted in helping people “create” value, it must be to help them “contribute” their value. At we’ve designed more ways to compel insightful participation.