Advocate for Personal Data & Inclusion

James Felton Keith is an award winning engineer, economist, and ethnographer. Via the Keith Institute, he’s incubated the Personal Data Project, Co-Founder of Accrue Inc, the IBM Watson backed FinTech (financial technology) firm, and Slay TV Network. He specializes in the ethnography of technology and economic inclusion. Formerly CEO of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce and a Mayoral Technology Appointee in Detroit, JFK currently contributes to boards at oSTEM, OUT & Equal, Lifeboat Foundation, Apollo Theater, and Democratic National Committee. He is also one of the United Kingdom Technology & Investment FinTech Delegation, and an IBM Global Entrepreneur.


As an Ethnographer of Technology I think that we create better products, services, and policy when observing our culture. I lead negotiations on behalf of people and tech from inside corporate culture.

accrue on the T

JFK’s current efforts are rooted in public service, AdTech, & FinTech to engineer more compelling products and services that include more people in modern Capitalism.